you can bring back happenstance
 let go in light
 expose an instance - explain
 why each sensation shadows depiction

 you can breathe in protection
 where being blinded stays luminous
 trusting mistrust in dignity misplaced
 with force of strength insignificance a star system of impact

 another day awaits and we never run

 you must have forgotten how I could not love you any more than
 this void of language spoken in a voice shallow - heard
 when choosing to speak your name in tongue
 in chaos. in carelessness. restlessness of content.

 in grace love me forward
 in beauty bring me tenderness
 in care bathe me in roses
 i breathe in prayer 


I have heard you compose beauty
arranging dreams while

love is meant
to be



in light, in golden light
she is your quiet moment, the renewal, love documented
in years, stretches of fragrant language
perfection wicked perchance Oh, softness
so much time has passed


for our love I will climb the burial mound of deep water
bluffs the wolves call home when its over I will
grow sea stars where the moon once rose as the door I have built
to warm my body is too small to unlock this halo wrapped betrayal
that grew quickly into a small raging fire


at sea level skin curls tighter
beginning an identity in twisting
swirls creating lightening with concrete toes
that slope down your belly curiously making this home
a memory worth extending unveiling a world kept to myself
this body is strong in silence an interlock
entanglement of song before it falls into traces
dreaming of chances
no longer seeing a piece of what our gazing became
I trip over myself and I fly with sparks
which isn't worth much when breathing for two
meaning creating a greenhouse of safety isn't simply
for the particle teased petals that I spun
thickened as a model of my flesh pollinated by
keeping small

how strong is this silence 


I remember the way our love
vanished on water
polished passion
worlds destined
for foreign palms


have you bothered to listen
to the way the wind cries in haste
forward the vastness of memory forgotten
shifting currents birds of heaven

leave me my beloved

only you remain unmoved
by my love that awakens youth
with these currents that drift asleep
cascading my sheets into a heap

have you forgotten how to know what love is

carrier of stones, you
compare abstraction
act hand to hand

in this deep ocean
I dove
I demanded
a love
beyond my own

yet I found nothing
only a sea of glass
swept away
by a stranger
with no idea
that the lock
he was holding
held the way

there is only spirit that carries what we long for


my route calls North now where humans alter
subtlety in dreaming this place over time
where I can pretend to look into theory
navigating a trip out of season
captivating with kings leaning on faith
out of heaven in the departure - belief

branches reach for regions with dimension
inescapable for the sake of burning wood
sleepless in re-working our lengths
caring only for words that continue to fall exhausted
holding another I drift from your mouth
in a held breathe I disappear

you can contrast fate with light
revealing in an instance in-significance
where each shadow will be a fresco
drawn in tempting force

crow flew in quick that night
with air spiraling the wind held me
the expanse crumpled in to silence
misty valley layered in calm tongue

there is no dignity in becoming
I held my breath
to still these eyelash
tales of poems
flung through - soul
aching sway quietly 
it has been so lovely
the un-making dream
of nights drifting
the days of translating
the impossible
assuming the place
I stand had the pleasure
of mirroring fascination 

but baby 
I can no longer
find redemption 
in our home
without love

What we now need is to learn how to stand on this fire
while my compass that I named fragility
inscribes your power pretty as the little starlings
dreaming of you getting away from all of this
I dress my sight here in fireflies full on
lanterns of innocent creators unannounced lovers
building dynasties of ritual in wonder

I am vulnerable against your flawless gravity
yet we shatter in skin against the cloudy thought
to stay in peace imprinting desire simple craters
we catch our breath here broken turning
in stillness thoughts stripping us nameless ringing
in tradition with occupying what we can reclaim

Eventually things will make sense - rising
not in the form of him the one and only
but in the eternity it took to learn how to trust
once this has all calmed the tide will be slowing
still afraid our moon wounds fall in separation
but whoever I was, whoever you may be
we will carry ourselves center further South
then cast off our aim reaching instincts
condoling in memories meant for the other
Jetty 22/88

stars on her belly emerging in quiet
mourning for just a moment to take an inhale of the soil beneath
flowers perfect up in sprout confessions of building stems instead of bridges
backwards suspended in our eyes dangling in the slightness
of passion hidden by admiration

the light the light
forget the light in his eyes

dream of stirring the sea instead stunning the fade
bridging our features illuminating fire flowers
sparklers in play feathers of starshine
moon bright play

no you were not just my heart in kind

but an outbreak detonating in completion
igniting intensely heavens of light
fire brigade of images split by denying

faces in ivory
carried out
slender and slight

she came as his sunrise
and left at hearts dawn
singing constellations
pulling threads of the morning sky
facing west in line with coals
flame and smoke
carried in hunger
stay sunlit stay light

I relish in this inclination to love



you think of me as the whore whose hands are tied
these city gates tire relentlessly as our very own sentimentality lingers in the eyes behaving less than the flowers you continue to bring me
i'll make my exit wearing white barren cloth thin me in defiance of their glances press me down below bury me against my own
as when I walk the winter sun dawns carelessly like I am naked in the name of God
I am the lines in your palm thankful for the opportunity to dissect growth in perpendicular fashion
but we are only getting older quieter tired of the taste of thoughts that aren’t even worth our time
I have got to keep an eye behind for my back is bent like wet wood the sting of his hands against my face my hair in clumps no I can not judge your height as I am still clenched in his fist holding my retention calling for the forest swimming under the weight - the glory

even the sky is quiet in these moments


I crave what has been unspoken while this home is left ablaze
With us nothing is passable - not even an extension of opening
the vast fields of vision before our very existence
Speak to me in remembrance as there is no light if we can't
hear the way the wind speaks there will be no peace
Speak to me in trails of ceremony - of serpentines caught
in circles - the presence of what one calls Spirit
What I consider holy
Speak to me with endurance in fragments of being
that make up the silence of essence
The memory of what was once so quiet

The death of cherry blossoms green fruit moon leather
seek the story sing oh of speculation
of presence oh of your understanding

Is love truly enough?

the day we remembered each other
the equator
the awareness
my heart
the reflection
our memories
the night
secluded an instance
and became
the stars
fools we are in purple silk carrying gold with flames for wings
coats full of pollen darling this flower I've held for you too long
bathe me in your loosely fallen shoulders
the scent of rose dust spilling water palms in a haze
oh light you've left me cold
bring back the fiery morning of skin
freshly woven trimmed bring me back in


i will divide my life into two casts
chromaticity blushing in the effort of excusing
the actuality located down deep into the furthermost part of you
I built fourteen thousand looms from the moonlight
in the floor to admire the mystery
of the worlds work carried by your indiscrete
way of thinking blowing my hair slaying two
I must have been dreaming as
the wind stayed for eighteen days
buried in bed
famished on this belief
that the voice i'll find will remain quiet
the moon was laughing I the running river
was fossilized in a single observation
a pile of ashes too glorious
too late to shine like the stars after dawn
even less true was the dry pavement
under the violent downpour of our constant
secret life sinners in this catastrophic shock of love
bands of faltering for I find the light
tells me more here than I ever had in the subletly
that stirred up the consequence of human minds
dancing for ancient spells on the banks of my ancestors song
against responsibility of the heart the consciousness
bringing truth to an unchallenged moment where
shaking is only faking in an abstract that defies how soon
you will forget that we have never come face to face
with our truth a relief a reminder as i drift through
this feeling that something is still missing

and every time
your eyes open a little wider

here's your way to multiply sweetness
climb under those trees and clip our hidden moments
drift into the dream go on devising consequences
salivate with the wind
cascade across the warmth swim through my skin
flood the sun quietly
ignite these cycles there have been generations asleep
for so many years the dreamers the weavers are all madmen but
I will never forget
their songs that
carry me in love
with feet that glide across this daydream
here I give you a star
here is my luna tongued skin
here take my heart and fancy forth
burn midwinter
rosy cheeked, sing in blue



here love, you thought
in perfection
hiding the details
of the elegant manner
in which we stood
sugar coating the endings
tasting the mumble jumble
of feeling life travel through
in all of its complexity
where we stand without each other
yet in a constant
knowing what the others voice
is speaking through

here love, you will never know
that I have watched spirit
texture your soul
split the carrier affection that we both do
ending the iridescent woven nectar
as you know well
I am just a wisher
in one hour i will be back with round two

here love, i give you the familiar
cookie dough calamity
a makeshift celebration
of wonder greater than my lover
whose limits held nothing to
your own -

no, i will not stop my somersaults
my ivy roots that keep on digging
till my heart unfolds in another day
where we fall calm - the first light
the blush of early bright
delicious-ness that has no reverb
a slip away to hustle with
every heart that couldn't last
with love that pours in deep
streaming water
repeatedly breaking a barrier
that had never bothered to exist

here love,
I will see you next spring
time is nothing
and all these stories
germinate when I can see you
flower in what we outgrew



The light, the light
she used to long for
drunken. boats of compassion
riding waves of dissociation
stormy seas of heartfull manner
what is sacred

sink sink
the waves will carry you
beneath the ocean
there is still a world lit in green
waiting for your reply


you swagger - dreamcatcher on drift prose for the night
breathe - take flight
throw this feeling out with abandon - escapist - you assume i have known more

love - carry over



I am moving towards you, accepting
That these dusty time prints and
A delicate voice
Are all I have to hand you
With this earthen muddened figure of mine
A womb that breathes in each new moon
Daylight basking - I swim in
You lie down low where dreams beam through the glass interior

Love remember me
Remember our tapered endings
Our sanctuary that cast this mans awakening
The wind that fevers broke

While invisible
You have not yet stayed hidden



It may have been in Bucharest when we met
or some other city further from enough
where we could still ourselves at dawn 
while the carelessness held over

I spoke of one word and
you became of my mind
the way North

I did not need to know
when I woke up to
the quietness exposed

That you would feed me hope chocolate carryons 
love that lengthened every moment

Even though you were mine
I never wondered why
we had to climb these valleys 
with such distance

Off to strengthen 
where one could meet
you left me a dare to plan 
a hesitance of knowing that through my arrival
you would be what mattered indefinitely 


Only through these heartened lovers
these darkened covers
did you catch my heart on a whim

With another slight of the wind 
I could have carried off
surprising the moon again

You were dreamt on earth that bears carried
the promise of moisture an adornment that
illusionary apprehension that pulls you in

But when attraction swayed
you escaped uncovered
back to the West winds

Where the dust settles we hitch ourselves
Where the clay is red stumbled mud we land

I feel careless when I stroll through your distant lives

Where you grew up free I drew epiphanies from the soil
adding flesh to expand on
nations I knew nothing of

I flew with a starlings instinct
and out of our dream
I settled here, upon clouds instead  


breathen child
believing the flight to my heart exists without, waiting patiently, we recall
blue destined, an obligation, in the light the surface casts, narratives that echo relation

here in heavens length, i recall instead your absence. an expanse of delay an overcast thunderhead
indifference; you are now the horizon.

this shadowing reminds me of our last descent.
you’ll remember what you want.

the shades of breathe gripe in their rivalry - where the heart pretends to find refuge
an escape through hideaways, poised for dusky days when the reflection is memorized in grey

i lead myself in before i cloud his name.

these uncoordinated chords of
irrationality could never seperate the current from this becoming. an existence to anticipate
an extraction of origin or iron - those times i am curious
years that have evolved into my missing reason.

what pursues me is the infinite depth of our shelter.
home obscured into nature - a spirit of backbone - an element one can still recollect
an essence of sensation sight taste smell of sense carrying on
taking me into a point in time where memories have been buried under their own weightiness

beginning this widening isnt the creation of us but a branching of the tree

here we find ourselves and doubt our own -
bewilderment at the wonder
our aim in ambition unknown
an objective enlivening of intention

identity will always chase the sea



here i lay down my throat and swallow whole time
i was just wondering if you have any other questions as my soul will wrap itself in your song



i am the carrier of
grace painted seas - curves
rivers under lace
blankets in the dryer
trees in tissue paper
overarching earth
warmth of fire
masses of desire
in an etch a sketch of
color coded dots and lines
representing wishes
i keep under
standing by the flames
while we wonder



you, sand carved - sea salt washed face in your hands - dug into my past as well as the sky is memorilized

my breathy self you swallow whole I drift inland where I have left out how this weakness is the language we don't speak - initiator

you, assailant - have trespassed on the thrones of my heart

and yes... you weaken my knees
and yes... I swim on your fingertips

so stay between the sheets - sea tangle your way in

catch your breath - listen as the air is unearthed
and lay here transoceanic with me


strengthen the difference in holding your head like you do hesitate in saying the right thing so to make clear the shape of what Love is - mystify - where I am delicate as I only come out after bathing in moondust star sugar heartbeats I heard a hundred years past our time -





what was once
a groundswell
has now become
a sea change



An opera had been sung on the heels of Morpheus
planting a barren understanding in autonomy with the distance

another auric culture of historic code
a pilgrimage that may be considered illegitimate

she swears she will only wear animal skins from now on
the flesh of wisdom thickening her body her face

long journeys followed by legends still humming
a night - in vision it is never wise to explain unintelligible dreams

i had to have meaning but all you would say was that we ought to measure
these seams keeping us from the other

what frightened you or did you simply suffer nightmares - waking cold
understandably delusional
with divinity - spirits
that named themselves after you - calling







devil-try it

all aim to be the flame : the binding of our strengths

it isn't easy being pulled from a direction you have no sense of
no i would say its rather hard being told you will not answer merely when i look your way

here purpose is far from our truth
with not a single salute in sight

so i shall raise my flag
and bow in objection
this heart has flown

oh, child of the wind

silence our discontent
quiet your unrest

our spirits were not placed here to be free from intent

but this: an intrusion
an awakening:
a desire to bring forth gods gift
blessed by the
skin: the eyes
an undone end to what someone once thought was the light

no this i will not call a story
nor a tale of another ending
it is a breath, a hand
with what's left

upswing -

until the end


always leaving me
breathless in the way that you bend

this glance is just a sighing passed through confidentially the thunder of sacredness admitting sans composure - my glass exterior concerning only the light of gravity

please play me the oceanic form of how you cradle in the heart of - bewildered by dismay close mouthed like another far flung lullaby - until we sing again of starshine - moans of sweeping boundlessly - as salty as the sea I'll continue to sing quietly

this way
of being

the story
you played me



if you believe in a brilliance
beyond all matter
as such you once did
cradling me to become
rousing quietly; to glide your spine
I rode you like the king you are
and still my horses fell
backs broken from the weight you bear
serenading a conveyance
down across this thick forestry
a landscape I no longer recognize
as such so it is
the flames have reached the mountainside
reminding me you were always the way in
and still; the hope of succeeding -
only a slab of earth
the radius of her torso
enough to hold one
letting go of the other
would remain



on my breast
lies an imprint
of the names
given by god
coppered faces
aged by ambition
an inclination of love
bent upon weakness
a victory of performance
an exploited triumph


on my belly
i stay ahold
afloat for
only a moment



in the painted silence
of wandering
i find pathways
of impressions


in the ancestry
bathing my skin
i find secrets
that wary me further


take a walk beauty - lady of the night
dream with another saint of your facade

objectify aspiration
to genuinely gemini desire

instead go out gathering wool again
under the coal - burning light


the evasive woman
was no more than an act
of deciphering
than she had been a belief
of remembering


i found you
in a morning dream
dawning near
the dayspring
not afraid
of change

like I have been;
lacking language

with wings
sweeter than you'd say
would tell me my
honey why do you
look in my windows
when i sing of earlier days

step over these mountain peaks
for i know now the house i sleep in
is a myth that will fall down
the voice of light
has sailed
the moon imagined

sky has given way

and even though i am at his feet
i will always be your stem
your seeds

you are the dust of stars
valley of breath
soft as the wind
mouths weaving ahead

i love you

your expedition
your inhale
the light
as i spiral and bend
you; lead

your destiny; this divinity
pivot upon direction
curve; unsuspend



this life is a moment away
with your name
in heavens way

here; we serenade

you have taken my time

leaving my hands limited
by becoming nightfall
guiding us through
after hour dreams
holding you; I pretend we share distance

not this idea
of asking questions
so many questions
as to why I act the way I do
ignoring this other name sent in by rainfall
held by what stays out - ahead

there's so much time left but not enough of
you daring my thoughts
drifting through my structure
serenity in the flash of light day-time
stay on my face
stay heavenly safe - in echoes
a mode of forgetting
we can always take tomorrow
starshine come home come home
all you need is what has been
buried here

come back my way
climb the cliffs side

I rise in love as much as I can
yet I stumble every time I'm at your side
get down get down on the edge of the night
shine through these petals
glisten me optionless
faith-less fuchsias
meaningless distance

what would you do if I told you I am your sea
you are my summit
listen to us become
deep sun
sup-er-son-ic-a shock the body
the art of accepting
or instead finding
you in my morning coffee
cold drops of your

reach up; teach me everything you know
color me jade
so that the seaside may navigate
this salt worn body
and find me in
the sands

with remembrance
of who we came
here to be



what keeps
you alive
but the
taste of
my skin

an evenings coloring
a nightly shade

a study of the past

a hint at what was
and will never be

what keeps
you from breathing
but the
scent of
on my lips

a fresh blossom
an opening; longing

a bare back in the breeze

an omen of what is
and will remain



you tremble
under the belief
that there is love somewhere
in these bones
somewhere in this body
lies courage
enough to plant fields
of disposition
of buttercups
of anticipation
for the holiness that 
you once thought 
was holier than you
could be found 
the pull
her roots



attempting to recollect the multitude of shelving
that came between us
floored fluorescent faces by ages designed to be ageless and instead we are counting our selves backwards like the look you've given me every time we find a way yet never partake

love carried - of reason
pesky knots of denial
desire gracefully misplaced

I would love to give you understanding
In memories - we choose to not see
In stories we can not read

our love has been like a crater of clouds
i can not get my stance on
intangible one

they say God speaks to us through the trees
and yet all I hear is a voice beckoning me beyond birthing my body the sea
as I may never hear you speak
it is not God I want but
then again maybe you are the face of this so-called Godliness
hidden in the attributes of every day neglected lives
left home without their ties instead lit - fire
without a shadow to oversee the every making move of what I so wish
fingertips - smoky one
I know yours are lifted paper-thin
coddling this idea of secrecy
each moment writing out the stories we refuse to say out loud
so that the other may hear our vulnerabilities our weakness this so called veil i have to always keep hidden named by the truth named by the song of your story named by mystification an indistinct knowing that this is disguise at its finest -


what a story
it has been 
between you and i 
a tale of sculptures - overcast
carved out of masonry 
from another course of action 

they say love is life 
and yet my heart should not feel this way
how can love be incomplete
when a force is all it has taken
and you have never handed 
an ounce of assumption
rather than this disbelief
i could have taken a moment to honor myself 
and yet i took the choice instead
you have said too many times 
nevermind the heart shhh quiet your mind
you have known this loss before
and abandonment is the name of your game
what placed you here 
but the beginning of your power
undertaking a decision to rise
rather than rest
have you - sir
decided yet?
it is not i you are seeking 
it is the source of wisdom whereas we lie
it is when you place your hands down 
that you feel her mountains rise
when you stand on two feet
i buckle only to complete
a once despondent story now held high 
in a glorified tone of speech
it is not i you are seeking young man
it is the sun in your eyes that placed us here
it is the heart that will find
we continue to carry 
each others step
as if nothing could ever come of us - 
in fury 



I am from the Mountains Trail

where my body gave way to the wind
i was carried down shore
to the mountains core
left with rocks as bones
and toes of stones
and a heart of glass
placed within your soul




in understanding the juxtaposed
puzzle we are standing in
with misplaced feet and hands that
hardly meet the others hearts
we no longer feel what we once did
lets face it
the awkward tone of being less than
as we question these days
there is no longer a supply;
an abundance of foundation
whittled by the hands of his son instead
miraculously engrained
by teeth I only remember - taste barely there
it is no longer what it once was
can you face it

i am no longer what i once was
can you feel it



a split moment - refrain
hovering with the melody
an air you hear
her breathe
wider than lungs - turned on
found themselves
for a moment in depth - prayer
a lifetime agreed upon - with regret


the fall of wishes
apparent indifference
in intent


love, you have found me at my furthest

at a time when my heart had not aligned

where the grass grows thicker

than the lines on your chest

where the stillness of your breath

had never come to exist

love, I would place my heart next to yours

had I, the slightest brilliance



More than a dozen
collecting at
the fingertips
of the secular spectator
detecting schemes
between sheets.

This is sin,
the plain and unadultered
scholarly pursuit thereof.

What shall we do with a weight of absence
a hearing hung within us like a crystal
clear enrapture; calling forth questioning
if you are so passionate as you say
and as I dare but not believe it so
this cannot last as long underneath
with spurs these roots braiding the light
bowing your neck my own age-old owl eyes soul
silvery at dusk my white branches
blossoming; withering forth
ruins of harmonizing
created equally
how so ever apparent
i would as soon forget
i am in this myself
a concealment of here and here-in
as you lay waking on each fifteenth evening
for I have feet that slip out of shoes
ankles that spiral my neck blue
a fearful little rebel
like the multitude in your kingdom who seek the way ahead
where the fire is kept cold
behind my eyes tilted mirrors sing forth
where birds can rise from the roof of my mouth
it is past repair
as it has been kept invisible it does not touch the
bumbling it requires
a bungling amateurish blundering
crispness floundering
asking for a pulse
a practice you can run your tongue over
this loosened lily splintering its thistle spine
astonishing how pleasure keeps us singing like we're high
even as I overlay illusory
awake in every motive
murmuring there just there it goes
gone sprawling
gold glistening all its weight lit up to become enough
as only one.

i captured his appetite
tasted it
and regardless of the
i wont give it back
until we are full



In the days past
the ships came effortlessly
docking with the tide
you became a tendency at sunset
a song concealed within time

i have kept this in hand; myself
singing instead

and yet
the last time I saw the sky
my eyes broke like shooting stars
hitting the face of your palms
and the last time I saw you
my soul knew that you would always
be enough
as my only
my only



i bathe in your every expression
your salted words
and adorn my hips
in your mounted position

carry me to shore
where I can
inscribe the sands
and run my hands
where we belong

blackened hair
thickened by the waves
my tongue creates
in streams a
heartfelt grin
curious about the secrets

incompatible, i know
out of sorts admirer

why'd you come so close
only to fall away once again

flood my seas

my currents; surge

swell my peaks

my banks; crest

the movement
of you

uprise my tide

In this scene you crawl like a spider trying to catch the wind
snow perplexed by a blue sky
while branches shake from the weight of it
your sense of direction is abandoned
into the once puzzling provincialism
to exhibit resonanting partially
they only cover their mistakes
by swimming even more seductively toward you
you become the subtlest of superfluous
as your daily thought and feeling grow fleeting
and infinitely self-perpetuating and impossibly more resilient
ready to alight on steepled sand in lamplight
even though you live by the sea
you no longer dream of fragile roads
on islands of mythical syntaxes
you still climb two sets of stairs but have blurred them
if anything goes amiss you resort to the simple design
of standing in bright light unthreading far flung ideas
until the letters run from your skin
Sometimes they feel like separate grains of sand
of clouds pulled to earth sifting to the center
blending peacefully finally in their own relation
while along some horizons light shines from distant hills dreamt
along others this or that mythic shell complicit with their desire
thinks to wear a mask soaked in the rays of their eyes
of scattering uncanny fingerprints to unreal skirmishes
clearing the way for a more or less ruthless actual history
of misunderstanding these lands that climb upwards with the smoke
from the result of an instant sending signals how a new story
and its recipients bend each others bodies off the ground
outside the book bathed in blind light and love
new hands at all hours pages turning at all hours
upending your whisper rhythmic and turning forth
behind the breeze on your ear on your throat
an unworked mass of visionaries
bent back slowly like a sapling filled heavy with faith
kneeling only where faces find comfort
in the wall that unhinges impassioned where wisdom stirs
you can surrender devoted to the ritual
or you can integrate this fire and become a vital sorcerer; unknown



he would have carried me in color; dead or alive
his abstract awareness has seized its significance
the high waves shattering the windows of my palace
yet we speak no thoughts
left by a silence
by the blue echo of intimacy lost
the light
inscribed to study the back of his eyes
which have commanded
I am the sole delegate of my form
the embodiment individualized
vanishing is both sensual and continual


I found the sea
casting my structure
rising elegantly
waveless as it speaks



how many times
have you found me
casing your walls
of protection

if you counted by tens
it would amount
to the totality
of deaths
under these hands



an appearance of spirit and a glass of fire
illusion flashing
devilry in my reflection
an atmospheric emergence
flood of breath
glancing over
in the midst of knowing
measuring the depth
of your lure

a short-lived memory

i once knew a man with the stars sung onto his soul
galloping fathomless
where core became soul
a magician
he recollected the times
form had failed

i spoke in silence


don't wait too long
you can embark on
for the love here lies
with another kind



it wasn't so much a beginning
as it was an ending

the convergence
butterflies landing
shapeshifting conception
bewitch her
watch the wild sorcerer rise
watch the stone women dance
witness the birth of a God

all in a nights time



Dear ______,
I have been watching from a distance. Staying slight for quite a while; yet still the ravishment came. The euphoria. Of observing you.
And now there is a hole in the middle of desire.
(the body)(the form)(the craft)(the shape)
The subconscious will remind us. Survey what the room sees. A whisper. The minds eye.
Where was your face on this nightly coloring;
I was myself, to join what had been separate.
To translate without stimulating; a layer, a grassy green.
You've now created me into backwards light. The sound of your displays are like breathless grasps.
You've become the stone in my left hand. A kindred mind with mine. Nameless.
Yet. I still don't know who we are
But the two; undiscovered
The sea also has no idea, having lavished itself on diamonds, repeatedly asking.
Who put us here?
Who put us here with this conviction?
So this morning I looked to the sky; the sky looked down.
The wind whispered from the vault of the heavens
He is in rapture with his view.
And when he was a child you were the rain
He and absolute were all of eternity
Fragrant spaces; Mind among mine
Pure enchantment.

The birds knew; and the clouds too
I have been dreaming far too near.



there are many times
i would have liked to say i love you
yet the world keeps spinning
and i can not

what stops me
but my own stumbling
of being ashamed
as I am nothing
more than a mere reason
at your feet



i've gathered my beloved
affairs; in unorthodox direction
magicians; my knees
djinn following closely
ripe with pomegranates
hold my stars
while I take another bite
of his delectable sword


In the rose garden
where I drink my tea
the plants sing
the sky creates streams
light cast shadow
darkness never misses a beet



you have bound my heart 
with needles from each and every cedar
masquerading the mountain skies
with I along side; rather than
these sterlings 
who dissolve in their own aching
you remain at a distance
the trees in tribulation
the lullaby of the kings
choir descended
as you derive
from my heart
there is nothing greater
let alone destined
than the lush
that lies right 
in front of you

that which surrounds
what has been found
lingers in my nails
in the delicacy of my skin
you remain a melody
the rings woven



clouds burst
heavy dew
on my lips

liquid sunshine
fall mist
on my chest


i can taste 
the moon
cold crater 
of you



At dusk I can see myself alive
In your pupils
Floating inside the blue bands
The little piece of sky you keep hidden
As I take in your skin...your neck
Smells like the moisture on a dirt floor
After you carry the embers of this city
Under my covers
I unravel into a thousand honest pieces
Watching you come towards me
because your nights climb my spine
and this bed is too big
For the rope that we wind


with my head in the ground
i listen to the
movement; the dark 
i need my conscious
to feel the way you lie  
beside me 
recessed by waves
bound by glass 
i am the sea
capable of leaving
and instead choosing 
to be 

our breath of a gem

i mind you
in the obscurity of protection 
i see the lover on your knees
i see the nectar hidden in your cheeks
i see the placement of your eyelids
that keep me safely
in positions reach  

hold me 
in the sky
heavens made of reason
your aim  
   elegance is in the weak   


your footing
my eyes
the tie between us
fastened to the other 
under obligation
of nothing
neither of us

this will 
not become
you and me
catch each other
come further near
place yourself
my nature 




i have learned to piece debris from whatever washes ashore to build driftwood and rocks into intricate gardens there are times i cry and sink roots although keeping my eyes close i am pragmatic and adept sacrificing that which rubs to snip away at these tangled love knots where new growth can flourish stretching from old scars i am surprised by the volunteer who suddenly appeared disrupting my orderly planting bed blooming his heart out



in my left hand lies the gift of life. beating.


when you look at me

stars erupt 
wind blown
a kingdom is built
larks frame 
mountains sway
heart batter

 be still. be calm.



i speak once of steeping feet in the seven seas
of illuminating them there to oceanic
to create sheets of white luminous
so that their bodies will become edible
submerged in effervescent brilliance
make it so and skin turns a new
softening as you seep slowly in
as cells remember i forgive
so that we now immerse ourselves
apathy has nowhere else to sit
it will never requiem he repeats
though he still doesnt know
i often hear the same declaration
reversing in anothers simplicity
to luminescence my light...mirrored
as always breathing in his glare
i find my love transitioning clouds
waist deep in his inane
i vanish across blue fields
meandering the world
straying on the limniads edge
returning some times in time
for a door aching wide in the sky
and the moon setting free
played perfectly
in the neighbours tree
suddenly remembering
just how it all could be


My father walked me down to las posadas one calm winter night.
The fog was thick
And unable to see the stars
I quietly followed in.
Out of the duskiness
Appeared the familar
White lace shoulders and
Flickering lights.
Hands cusped in between ribs
Black hair settled on their backs
Tightly woven in a knot.
I remember the connection to our mother
Was stronger there than anywhere I had ever felt.
La Nuestra Senoras eyes gazed deeply all around
Against the dark nights
Their soft smiles
Gracious and enchanting
Hearty hearts of steel
I knew these people as
By the storms of being dissipated
Blown into the winds of terror
A false divergence that made them illuminate ablaze
In contrast to the conservation of whiteness.

My grandmothers neighbor would come by
with a bag of tamales every so often.
Mass was held in the backyard
And I'd sit under the orange tree so that I could hear them speak in languages formed out of feelings
Sometimes they'd weep
Hold each others hands
in the lap of the other
Head draped on the families shoulder
There was a willingness
to carry the others heart
down to the river
and let it go.
Knowing that the same love
will always be carried within.
Even when we have lost sight of one another.

Snake skin and oiled hands
Chicano. Dark lips.
Chipped paint.
Earth scent ingrained.
Rough around the eyes
I can still see her in each and every
Holy One I continue by.

Ella siempre sera mi luz en la oscuridad.